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Happy Clients 

What People really think!


“When Reggie Rice performs, it's like he soars through the audience creating laughter and memories to last a lifetime, like the Superman of Magic!”
Kathy Hollyer,Owner HyperSpace Fun Center

           “Words cannot express the therapy you have provided us.” ​
 Drana Kristina–
Children’s National Madical Center  Washington D.C      

                        “His show was brilliant! The SuperMagicMan is very skillful & talented! His show was just what they needed!”​
 LaToya Sewell Boys & Girls Club

            “I immensely enjoyed seeing Reggie’s show. It’s highly entertaining and one of the best shows in the Region.”​
Mary M. Washington, St. Mary’s County Board of Education

            “I would recommend the SuperMagicMan to any group looking for a fun way to spice up any event. I look forward to working with him in the future.”
Promotions Manager, Frenderick Key Baseball Team

“The SuperMagicMan did more than just magic, Reggie captivates each tables with personality & class that is un matched.
M. Justine Muldoon, Manager Jasper American Gill

“You thrilled and amazed us all, and all the while, you made us laugh!
Reggie, I hope I can see your extraordinary magic and mind-blowing illusions again!”
Kim Cullins, St. Mary's County Museum Division


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